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After competing full time as professional golfer for over 10 years, in over 25 countries, I turned my professional experience into a passion for teaching others how to master the game of golf.

I teach at the Rick Smith Performance Golf Center located in Doral, FL located at Trump National Doral and I teach all aspects of the game including, but not limited to: Short Game, Long Game, Course Management, Mental Game and AimPoint Green Reading.

I am a Rick Smith Master Elite Instructor; previously a Master Instructor and the Director for the JMGS Summer Junior Golf Camps at the Jim McLean Doral Golf School for over 5 years; AimPoint® Level II Certified and U.S. Kids Certified

I believe that learning to play great golf is much more than just knowing the mechanics of a great golf swing. As a former Touring Professional I try to integrate thought processes which improve practice session quality, course management and mental game in each lesson which concludes with a plan of action. 

My teaching philosophy is to train players to become better athletes so they can truly feel and control the club face, club path, body movements and connection to the ball in order to gain greater overall consistency.

My Caribbean background, worldly experience and experience in having played with over 135 previous and current PGA Tour, European Tour and Korn Ferry Tour players adds flavor to my golf instruction. 

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What People are Saying


Hector C.

I want to express my thanks and gratitude for the time you've invested in transforming my golf swing. I have noticed that my mid-irons are being hit pure and compressed, giving me the opportunity to approach my target with confidence. Looking forward to continuing to work with you.


Fiorella A.

Thanks for all your dedication, professionalism and friendship with Ivan. He is getting so much better! (Students Mother)


Noah Z

Drove from Tampa to take an AimPoint class from Johnny. It was a great help. Highly recommended.
(PGA and LPGA Tour Caddie)

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Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way to improve any aspect of your game.  I teach students of all ages and skill levels. Whether man or woman, beginner, amateur or professional, my experience allows me to help anyone that has a desire to improve.


Transform your ability to read greens. Learn that putting is predictable by discovering the most effective and reliable ways to determine the direction and precise amount of break for any putt.

Golf Getaway

Experience world class private instruction in your home town or whilst traveling to new and exciting destinations all over the USA and the Caribbean.

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